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热销款式 Hot Selling | X0061 Completely Function Series (全面款包括事业财运人缘和健康)

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Function 功效

It is made of green rutilated quartz, black rutilated quartz, white cat-eye crystal, moonstone (labradorite) & black agate.

The function of Green Rutilated Quartz
🌸 Attract wealth from career
🌸 Increase chances of employment and helps to get good reviews from interviewers. Suitable to people who are looking for a job
🌸 Brings good luck and opportunities
🌸 Helps to maintain a positive attitude
🌸 Brings therapeutic effect for symptoms of bad temper, easy nervous and insomnia

The function of Moonstone (Labradorite)
🌸 Helps digestive system & reproductive system
🌸 Helps nutrient absorption & detoxify
🌸 Promote harmony in a love relationship, ease quarrels. Suitable for people who often quarrel with each other.
🌸Attract love relationship
🌸 Change eating habits to achieve weight loss
🌸 Maintain beauty & improve skin condition
🌸 Stabilize emotion, ease anxiety, relieve stress & relieve insomnia. Suitable for pregnant ladies.
🌸Promote clear mind  

The function of Black Rutilated quartz
🌸 Stone of leadership. Promote charisma, develop business/career, strengthen deployment force
🌸 Attract wealth from career
🌸 Driveaway negative thoughts & energy
🌸 Act as a talisman for health and safety, soothing discomfort
🌸 Avoid evil spirits & nasty person
🌸 Eliminate karma  

The function of White Cat-eye 
🌸 Good for health. Helps to promote blood circulation, metabolism, adjust hormonal system, maintain beauty

The function of Black Agate
🌸 Increase the macro view of people
🌸 Helps to achieve a goal, especially suitable for bosses
🌸 Avoid evil spirits
🌸 Eliminate inner fears, increase personal courage, reduce stress, reduce jealousy & depression
🌸 Increase sense of security
🌸 To be more humorous
🌸 Enhance a lively and mellow attitude
🌸 Enhance immunity, promote blood circulation, strengthen metabolism
🌸 Relieve insomnia & avoid nightmares
🌸 Promote a happy and prosperous life. Live a long life & attract good luck especially suitable for elderly


🌸 有助于消化系统和生殖系统
🌸 可以帮助吸收营养,化解毒素
🌸 可以促进情侣之间的和谐,缓解情侣之间的争吵,非常适合很容易和另一半吵架的人佩戴
🌸 帮助改变人的饮食习惯,达到减肥效果
🌸 有助于安眠,美容养颜,改善皮肤状况,从而起到美容养颜的功效
🌸 驱散焦虑,压力,也有助于安眠,非常适合孕妇佩戴

🌸 被称为“领袖石”。可以让人拥有领导魅力,增强自己的部署心,增强开拓业务的能力,有助于事业发展
🌸 招正财
🌸 去除负面的思想和能量
🌸 可作为平安符保平安健康,缓解不舒服的问题
🌸 辟邪滑煞
🌸 可以祈福,消除业障

🌸 招正财
🌸 非常适合正在找着工作的人佩戴,可以增加就业机率,得到面试官的好评
🌸 为人带来好运和机会
🌸 让人保持积极向上的心态,激发人的斗志,勇敢接受挑战,开拓新视野
🌸 资料脾气暴躁,紧张,失眠的问题

🌸 对健康有益,可以帮助促进血液循环,新陈代谢,调整荷尔蒙,还有帮助保持年轻美丽。

🌸 增强人对事物的宏观,让人在开创未来的时候,不会失去分寸及目标
🌸 帮助人达成目标,很适合小老板佩戴
🌸 避免负面能量的入侵
🌸 消除内心的恐惧,增加我们的勇气,胆量,减轻压力,减低妒忌和沮丧的心理
🌸 提升人的安全感
🌸 增加幽默感
🌸 增强活泼元荣的处世态度,让自己变得更幽默,更透彻
🌸 提升免疫力,促进血液循环,新陈代谢
🌸 防止失眠问题和发恶梦的问题
🌸 老人佩戴黑玛瑙可以起到一定的疗效作用,可以促进幸福富足生活,长命百岁,能招好运

Order Details 下单详情

Details of the bracelet:

It's long-lasting, durable, and water-resistant as it is made of 925 Silver 

It is made of 925 silver (sterling silver) where you can wear on daily basis include bath & sport. It does not require excessive maintenance hassle (won't tarnish or rush with time). You just need to wipe & clean it with the polishing cloth we attached and your jewelry would shine like never before.


Free Silver Polishing Cloth

Every sterling silver product will come with a free Silver Polishing Cloth, which you can use to wipe & clean your sterling silver jewelry to prevent it from oxidation.

Comes with a beautiful design packaging and can be directly gifted to others

The best choice for you to buy as a gift to your loved ones as all our product comes with a beautiful design packaging where you can directly gift it to them, save your time by no need to worry about the gift packaging.

Service support:

Fast delivery

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What can you do if your package has any problem during the delivery?

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We will always welcome you to feedback or ask any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us if you do have any questions.

Note: Please noted that natural crystals may vary slightly in appearance, size & color, also the bead quantity will vary depends on your hand wrist measurement size. 


  手链里所采用的配件和吊坠都是925纯银(是国际认证最适合用来做首饰的银成分 )制的,可以长时间佩戴,不会生锈也不会褪色,可以天天佩戴,包括洗澡和运动时间都可以佩戴着。



   我们都是实行 “今天汇款,明天发货” 的习惯的,所有的包裹都会在汇款的第二天发货,除了星期六和星期日没有发货。点击这里检查运输所需的时间。






Material & Measurement 材质和大小

Material: 925 Silver (sterling silver), natural crystal/gemstone (green rutilated quartz, black rutilated quartz, white cat-eye crystal, moonstone (labradorite) & black agate) 

Bead size: 8mm with a 10mm bead at the center

*Tips: Refer to measurement guide on how to measure your size. 





Product Care 保养法

  • 925 silver/sterling silver product is okay to wear to shower. You are not required to wear it on and off as it is a great way to polish your sterling silver jewelry
  • Avoid spraying perfume/any chemical product directly on your jewelry
  • Keep in our silk cloth bag while you are not wearing it to prevent oxidation & scratching.
  • You may use the silver polishing cloth we attached to wipe & clean your jewelry often
  • 手链可以带着洗澡没问题,不会生锈也不会褪色,不需要时常脱上脱下哦
  • 避免触碰香水/化学物品以免渗进去水晶破坏水晶结构
  • 没有佩戴的时候可以收在密封袋/密封容器里面避免银饰氧化
  • 可以使用我们提供的擦银布来擦拭银饰来帮助保持银饰亮丽。

Packaging 包装

Every one of our products comes with a jewelry box. Is ready to be a gift & save your time with no need to worry about the gift packaging.