Let's see the story of Mary!  

I am Mary. I have bought many crystal bracelets before and finally, now I found one that suitable the most for me to wear - the crystal bracelet that matches my date of birth date   

I have heard that many friends who wear crystals say that crystals bracelet can really help to improve their lives, so I also try to buy some crystal bracelets for my own. However, it does not work for me, or there is no way to improve my life. ❌❌

Once when I was sliding my phone, I saw that I could find the crystal suitable for my own according to my birth date and then match my own lucky bracelet. Their custom-made bracelets are all very beautiful, and more than 97% of the customers said that #wearing the custom-made bracelet can really improve the current problems in their lives, so I went to PM customer service to inquire more. 💛💛

After asking, I realized that they have a lot of customer feedback that can prove that other customers have succeeded in improving their lives after following their exclusive methods, and things are done smoothly. So I tried to customize my own lucky bracelet at Cardionn also ❣️

After receiving the goods and wearing them, I witnessed that it is really effective to follow their exclusive method to wear a lucky bracelet that suits you. The effect is very good, and their crystals are really pure and natural, and the color is very good. It’s really beautiful when wearing on your hands. Even my colleagues keep asking me where I customize it. They are also interested to customize a bracelet that suits them and help improve their luck ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

✅ After wearing it, I feel that I have become more positive and doing things more smoothly. Compared with the crystal bracelets I bought casually before, it is much more effective!   

Free service helps to use your birthdate to find the crystal that suits you
✅ They help me to look through my birthdate, and then get to know my current situation, and  introduce me the most suitable crystal combination, and then after I have decided on the crystal selection, they will arrange the design team to design my suitable lucky crystal bracelet ♥️

Can be customized according to your budget. The cost of the Lucky Natural Crystal Bracelet is absolutely reasonable and lower than the market price.
✅ Starting they will let me know how they charged for the bracelet, and they will confirm my budget with me first, and then only start to help me make the bracelet design for me when it is within the scope of my budget 💕

Teach you the correct way to measure your wrist size and customize it according to your wrist size. Make sure you buy the bracelet and the size is right. There will be no case of wearing too tight or too loose.
✅ They will send pictures and texts to teach me how to measure my wrist size correctly, and they will also consider the wrist size to help to design my lucky crystal bracelet. It is just right when the goods are received, and it will not be too loose or too tight.

All crystal beads have been appraised by the Jewelry and Jade Laboratory to ensure that the crystals sold are absolutely natural 🔮
✅ When buying crystals online, I’m most afraid of buying fake crystals. Before buying, I asked them whether the crystals are natural or not again and again. I didn’t expect that they were not angry. They answered me patiently. After receiving the goods, I can prove their crystal beads are all-natural, high quality and the price is really super reasonable.

The silver accessories/pendants used are all made of S925 sterling silver. It will not fade or rust. After wearing it for a long time, if there are signs of blackening, it can be easily wiped with a silver polishing cloth to restore it.
✅ I don’t like to wear the bracelet on and off often. It’s troublesome, so I always wear it for bath or sleep or even sport. I didn’t expect that silver jewelry will still be beautiful after a period of time. Even if the silver part oxidized, it can be easily wiped off with the silver polishing cloth attached. It does not need excessive maintenance! ❤️

They provide excellent after-sales service, you can contact their customer service at any time to ask any questions you want to ask and get their responses promptly during working hours   
✅ I really need to praise for this as I found out that I still have a lot of questions about the way to wear the lucky bracelet after receiving the goods. I still not sure whether the way I wear is correct or not, so I went back to inquire about their customer service one more time. I thought they would be like other stores, won’t reply to me, but do u know? I get their reply promptly and I am really surprised by this.

The team undergoes rigorous training and will bring you the best service experience to ensure that customers are not treated badly.
✅ I have bought so many things online, and it is really the first time I have encountered such good customer service. I asked a lot of questions about crystal-wearing methods and so on, and their customer service was very patient to help me answer one by one with very detailed answers!

Quick delivery (does not need to wait)
✅ All of the goods are in stock. I send the money today and they will arrange to ship the goods for me tomorrow. I received the goods safely after two days. I am very satisfied with their fast delivery service, and I will definitely repurchase again next time. ! 📦

The design can request to amend until you are satisfied without any labor charges
✅ In the beginning, I was worried that I didn’t like the color/design of my lucky crystal bracelet. How did I know that they provide free service to amend the design until satisfied? They didn't charge extra charges even if I request to amend the design,  I am grateful that they provide such a service so that I can buy my most satisfied  lucky crystal bracelet

Now I don’t need to change the crystal bracelet all the time. If I want to change the new style in the future, just come to them! 💗💗

If you want to wear it, wear a lucky crystal bracelet that suits your birthdate   

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