Find your bracelet size

Each bracelet type comes with a different set of recommendations. Please read the below tips to find the best size for the bracelet type that you're interested in.

Let's start with how to measure your wrist size:

You'll need to prepare either a flexible measuring tape OR a string/paper & a pen & ruler

1st option:

Wrap the measuring tape around your wrist (just above your wrist bone) 

Note down the measurement of your wrist size. Please do not hold too tight or not too loose to avoid incorrect measurement. 

Measurement tape

2nd option:

(i) Wrap the string/paper around your wrist (just above your wrist bone). 


(ii) Mark where the end meets with a pen.


(iii) Next, lay the string or paper flat on a ruler to determine how many cm/inch.

Determine how many cm with a ruler

Okay, now it's time to look at what size we recommend for the bracelet type that you are interested in.

Bracelet type

Cardionn Crystal/Gemstone BraceletSelect the specific size of your wrist is enough as we'll help to make an extra 0.5cm large so that you will not feel too tight when wearing the bracelet.

(Noted* Please do not hold too tight or too loose when you measure wrist size otherwise the bracelet size will not fit tyou)